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Every business must have a digital presence and a marketing strategy

The impact of Covid-19 marks a change of pace for any business. That is why we have developed efficient and cost-effective solutions for SMEs and Startups

We specialize in creating professional websites and e-commerce sites for micro and small businesses. Our platform is secure and reliable, graphic design is customized and content can be managed also by you

Professional bespoke web sites for every SME


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Creating a Website That Sells

We are all facing the most serious socio-economic situation in a hundred years, which is bringing and will leave social and behavioral changes globally, even in the years to come. It is clear that the Internet has become the most important tool for working, studying, having fun and buying goods and services. Companies in the post-Covid-19 era therefore need to be visible online in the most efficient and representative way, with a custom digital strategy and with advanced technological tools.
Our experience in Web Design and Digital Marketing, started 25 years ago. We work to offer small and medium-sized enterprises what is needed today to restart and grow.


Pioneers of the Web

Back in 1994, we began a long journey into the world of the Web, immediately realizing that the future of this technology would have been content. We have imagined and put into practice, before many others, those forms of technological interaction that we all use today.
In those years we invented innovative formats such as live online events, paid content, communities, the Web Car and the Celebrity Relationship Management, creating digital projects that have made history and that have appeared on the international media. The world of sports, including the Olympics, entertainment, including TV broadcasts, and the corporate world, with prestigious customers, have involved us for our technical and marketing skills.
Today, after years full of satisfaction and success, we are focused on building digital interaction tools for the world of small and medium-sized enterprises with a Made-in-Italy efficient, professional, reliable and economical solutions, accompanied by advice aimed at making you get the most out of the relationship between real and digital.

Service Offerings

Web sites for SMEs and Startups
Re-design e restyling of old web sites
Integration of software features for vertical markets (social tools, video, cyber-attack protection, ...)
Mobile Apps
Digital strategy
Digital marketing
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Strategy
Virtual Reality VR 360°
UI Design

We move companies forward

XP - Digital Experience is a business unit of Movantia, an award-winning consulting firm with a deep experience within marketing strategy for market expansion, branding, and innovation. Thanks to the expertise of Movantia, XP helps clients understand and reach their target audiences, strengthen brands, develop products and services, innovate, build digital marketing strategies and campaigns.
We have supported SMEs and also large companies in many industries with targeted advice that has been built to achieve the set goals. Over the years we elevated brands, designed solutions, tested inventions, patented ideas, registered trademarks - all related to technology. Movantia is entered in the register of the Italian Ministry of the Economic Development as a «Innovation Manager» because of its deep knowledge of digital technologies, having managed many projects ranging from augmented reality to virtual reality, from branded content to experiential events, from blockchain to Industry 4.0, all to increase the competitiveness of clients.

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